The Augmented Reality
Annotations Tool

Pengram is tool that easily lets users place AR annotations anywhere in the world to create instructions and quickly share with others.


Projecting contextual data into the future

Unlike standard paper manuals which gets confusing fast, Pengram projects the annotations onto the object itself. Creating Pengram instructions require no specialized software. Everything can be done in minutes from an iPhone or an iPad. Authored content is persistent and tethered to the item.


Fast Authoring

Author AR content in minutes all within the mobile device. No specialized software or modeling knowledge required.

Easy Sharing

-Annotations stay persistent in their environment so everywhere else sees exactly what you have placed.


-Secure server to store all CAD designs
-Secure login & Identity Management


-We understand different working environments which require different equipment
-Our product is operates on light and widely avialiable iOS devices

Improve clarity through 3D projected content that is tethered to the context

Reduce authoring time by directly creating content through our mobile app.

Perfect for emergency trouble shooting. Pengram quickly helps you locate the area that needs attention


Co-founders of VR @ Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s biggest VR/AR community.
Prior engineering experience at Google, Oculus, NASA, VMWare, Magic Leap. Graduate level researchers in computer vision, AR and HCI. 

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