The Augmented Reality
Indoor Navigation System

Pengram allows users create indoor waypoints with only an iOS device and share those waypoints with others with a single tap.


Next Generation Indoor Navigation System

Traditional indoor navigation systems require a suite of external sensors and specialized hardware customized to each building. Pengram leverages cutting edge computer vision technology allowing it to achieve precise spatial awareness using only the phone's camera. Creating indoor waypoints and annotations require no specialized hardware. Everything can be done in minutes by walking around with an iPhone or an iPad.


Fast Authoring

Indoor waypoints are created as you walk with your iOS device.

Easy Sharing

-Waypoints stay persistent in their environment so everywhere else sees exactly what you have walked.


-Secure server to store all waypoints and annotations
-Secure login & Identity Management


-We understand different working environments which require different equipment
-Our product is operates on light and widely avialiable iOS devices

Improve clarity through 3D projected waypoints and annotations into the building environment.

Reduce authoring time by directly creating content through our mobile app while moving.

Quickly search for points of interests within a building and let Pengram guide you there.


Co-founders of VR @ Berkeley, UC Berkeley’s biggest VR/AR community.
Prior engineering experience at Google, Oculus, NASA, VMWare, Magic Leap. Graduate level researchers in computer vision, AR and HCI. 

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